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Claims Resolution Experts

Strategic Claims Resolution provides  expert assistance in preparing, quantifying, and resolving complex insurance claims to gain advantageous outcomes for clients. 

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Our Industries

We cater to the following sectors and industries in insurance claim resolution and active risk management.

About Us

Strategic Claims Resolution is a consulting firm operating in the insurance industry, providing assistance in preparing, quantifying, and resolving complex insurance claims. Our highly skilled team of certified public accountants helps clients quantify, document, and negotiate insurance claims to produce favorable outcomes quickly.

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Pandemics and natural disasters have resulted in catastrophic damages, resulting in excessive insurance claims in various sectors. Strategic Claims Resolution has helped hundreds of clients devasted by appalling losses recover billions of dollars through insurance claims. We boast of having highly skilled certified public accountants, forensic accountants, and fraud examiners, helping people quantify and document claims against their insurance companies to compensate for their damages.

Our Services

Strategic Claims Resolution has decades of experience dealing with catastrophes and complex insurance cases. We help customers quantify, document, and resolve insurance claims in the following sectors.

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