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Builder's Risk Insurance Claims

Analyzing Graphs

Builder's risk is a type of temporary insurance policy that provides coverage only during the extension phase of the construction project. It is often referred to as an 'all risk' policy or course of construction policy. The property insurance usually accounts for furnished buildings and apartments, while the builder's risk insurance covers the losses during the construction phase. Property insurance has become an integral part of active risk management, whether builder's risk insurance or others. Strategic Claims Resolution has a team of highly qualified accountants that helps property owners and contractors successfully recover their claim money.

What Does a Builder's Risk Insurance Cover?

Builder's risk insurance or course of construction insurance protects commercial and residential properties under construction from damages due to:

  • Lightning

  • Explosions

  • Hail

  • Vandalism

  • Storms

  • Hurricanes

  • Fire Outbreak

  • Theft

Builder's risk insurance claims can be quite complex. Our certified public accountants and forensic experts can help carefully analyze the damaged property and quantify losses. We help complete the claim documentation and assist our clients in recovering their insured money as soon as possible.

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