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Strategic Claims Resolution is a legal advisory and consulting firm, providing expert assistance in quantification, documentation, filing, and legal representation for resolving insurance claim disputes and recovering maximum insurance claim amount for our clients.

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First-party Property Claims 

A first-party property claim can be filed if your property is insured for physical damages If any damage occurs to your property you can claim the damages with your insurance company Strategic Claims Resolution helps people with first-party claims and lawsuits involving catastrophic losses like floods, tropical storms, earthquakes hail, and hurricanes. Our certified public accountants are experts in tackling cases involving explosions, machinery malfunctioning, fire outbreaks, property theft, construction accidents, water damage, and several other first-party property cases.

Commercial Disputes.png

Commercial Disputes

Commercial disputes are becoming more difficult to navigate with time. Global business expansions, constantly changing regulatory requirements, enhanced corporate scrutiny, and complex cross-border transactions are usually the causes behind high-stakes business disputes. To close the case with maximum efficiency and achieve beneficial results for our clients, we apply our experience and advocacy skills to achieve successful and cost-effective results.

Builder's Risk

Builder's Risk

A builder's risk is a type of temporary insurance policy that provides coverage only during the extension phase of the construction project. It is often referred to as an 'all risk' policy or course of construction policy. The property insurance policies usually account for furnished buildings and apartments, while the builder's risk insurance covers the losses during the construction phase. Property insurance has become an integral part of active risk management, whether builder's risk insurance or others. Strategic Claims Resolution has a team of highly qualified accountants that helps property owners and contractors successfully recover their claim money.

Cyber Loss.png

Cyber Losses

The modern digital revolution has resulted in an increase in hackers developing new techniques to steal confidential data and information, instilling the urgency to protect businesses from the consequences of cyber theft. Strategic Claims Resolution helps businesses assess and document the losses incurred due to a data breach. Our team of senior executives has all the relevant expertise and experience required to prepare and assist in negotiating insurance claims for our clients.

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