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About Us

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About Us

Strategic Claims Resolution is a consulting firm operating in the insurance industry, providing assistance in preparing, quantifying, and resolving complex insurance claims. Our highly skilled team of certified public accountants helps clients quantify, document, and negotiate insurance claims to produce favorable outcomes quickly.

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The modern digital revolution has resulted in an increase in hackers developing new techniques to steal confidential data and information, instilling the urgency to protect businesses from the consequences of cyber theft. Strategic Claims Resolution helps businesses assess and document the losses incurred due to a data breach. Our team of senior executives has all the relevant expertise and experience required to prepare and assist in negotiating insurance claims for our clients.

Our Story

Strategic Claims Resolution was founded to give competent counsel to organizations, individuals, and policyholders impacted by catastrophic events and secure the maximum coverage for their insurance claims. Our expert CPA team fights the insurance companies to get our clients the compensation they deserve!

We are committed to bringing our clients quality representation in all aspects of business and insurance litigation. We strive to eliminate the complexities associated with insurance claim coverage by providing expert assistance in order to achieve a reasonable settlement. Insurance companies have dedicated teams of expert accountants and financial advisors to minimize their exposure to insurance claims. It is hard for individuals with no background in insurance claims and risk management not to get in their trap and risk all the chances of getting the amount they deserve. But with SCR, you are guaranteed to get a settlement that works in your favor. Our certified public accountants and consultants level the playing field and strive to deliver favorable outcomes.

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Who We Are

We are a group of senior executives helping businesses and individuals prepare and assist in negotiating insurance claims with our profound knowledge and expertise in insurance claims and settlements. Our team of certified public and forensic accountants work across several areas of insurance, including commercial general liability insurance claims, professional liability insurance claims, property damage claims, theft insurance claims, business interruption claims, homeowner’s insurance claims, construction defect claims, cyber insurance claims, and much more!

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Strategic Claims Resolution is renowned for its technical ability, creative problem-solving, and proactive dedication to client service. Our professionals are recognized in the risk management, brokerage, and underwriting communities for objectivity and integrity.

We have successfully resolved some of the largest and most complex claims resulting from the following:

  • Hurricane Harvey, Ike, Katrina, Rita

  • Superstorm Sandy

  • California Wildfires

  • World Trade Center

What We Do

With our expansive knowledge in insurance claim coverage, we have helped our clients recover billions of dollars. We provide expertise to assist in the insurance claim recovery by:

  • Ensuring that systems and personnel are properly involved in facilitating data collection, claim preparation, and the audit process without placing undue burdens on normal functions.

  • Creating a specific claim-filing strategy that promotes timely evaluation and approval of expenses and losses incurred, resulting in adequate advance payments for cash flow purposes.

  • Providing the accounting and consulting resources necessary to execute the plan to fulfill the expectations of your risk management team.


We believe the combination of our methodology, relevant industry knowledge and expertise, objectivity, and ability to handle complex insurance claim disputes can expedite the claim resolution.

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How We Can Help

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We help businesses and individuals resolve insurance claim disputes and get favorable settlements from the insurance companies for their claims. If your insurance company denies the insurance coverage, offers an underpayment to the claim amount, or delays the payment of the claim, we can help you represent your case and negotiate your position on your behalf with the insurance company.

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