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First-Party Property Claims

Business Consultation

A first-party property claim can be filed if your property is insured for physical damages If any damage occurs to your property you can claim the damages with your insurance company Strategic Claims Resolution helps people with first-party claims and lawsuits involving catastrophic losses like floods, tropical storms, earthquakes hail, and hurricanes. Our certified public accountants are experts in tackling cases involving explosions, machinery malfunctioning, fire outbreaks, property theft, construction accidents, water damage, and several other first-party property cases.

What's Included in First-Party Property Insurance?

First-party property insurance is a direct contract between the policyholder and the insurance company. Unlike the builder's risk insurance, first-party property insurance does not compensate for under-construction buildings.

  • Business interruption policies

  • Commercial property policies

  • Homeowner's policies

  • Auto insurance policies

Natural disasters have caused devastating damages in the last few decades, resulting in extensive first-party property claims. Strategic Claims Resolution has helped hundreds of first-party property owners recover billions of dollars through insurance claims. Our adept team of professionals simplifies the claim procedures of quantifying and documenting our clients' losses to help them achieve favorable outcomes quickly.

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